Trust St. Patrick Schools (TSPS) established in 1997, are registered English medium schools of International standards imparting strong foundation of quality education through its Preparatory, Primary and Secondary levels. TSPS has a unique regional syllabi to suit scholars from East African member states. TSPS works hand in gloves with the Tanzanian government to rekindle the used to be dwindling education standards.

Trust St. Patrick Schools at a glance



We have devoted, caring and vastly experienced teaching staff. We consider the ratio of teachers to students as an important factor.

Academic Exellence

Our schools play an important role towards learning capabilities of students such as promoting active learning and developing thinking skills. TSPS also develops scholars' talents through educational tours and exchange programs inside and outside Tanzania. We also pave way for our students to overseas institutions which become windows through which they see the world.

Sports and Recreation

We have daily exciting extracurricular activities with adequate facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports and games including swimming, athletics, netball, football, basketball, martial arts, tennis and many others.

Conducive Environment

The environment around the schools, attractive building structures coupled with cool atmosphere and the well managed security invite students to work hard and achieve their academic excellence with minimum disturbances.


We believe that building upon children's experiences and prior knowledge provides the best foundation for early learning. At this stage, our students acquire preliminary knowledge in English language, reading, writing and mathematics.

Primary School

Primary School is an intermediate level of basic education in Tanzania. Our primary finalists always have broader choices of best secondary schools to join within and without because we provide them with an extensive program to face competition ahead of them.

Secondary School

Recently Trust St. Patrick Secondary School has been rewarded a trophy by The Ministry of Education... as one of the best performing schools in Tanzania.

News and Events

Change of academic terms NEW

The school will now have two academic terms instead of three terms

Introducing Sports Academy

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Form 4 results 2015

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Standard 7 results 2015

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We were rewarded with a number of trophies by the ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocation Training as one of the best performing schools in Tanzania.

Tours & Excursions


Life at our schools is not just about books. Students take part in fun and educational visits within and outside Arusha, National Parks, Industrial areas and few others.

Our Strength


Discipline, Quality Education and Fitness are the pillars governing our learning institution leading us to undoubtful success and strength throughout the years. These build our students academically, morally and physically.

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