Apart from the main intention to serve students of all walks of life and corners in and outside Tanzania, boarding schools help students to learn,be independent and commit their time to studies without disruptions. They learn to be independent and be good managers of time, their properties, school facilities among others.
Teachers, Matrons and Patrons provide support and guidance to students so that they can derive maximum benefit from their schooling experience.

Kitchen & Dining hall


Our modern kitchens and dining halls cater for both day and boarding scholars. Meals are prepared by professional cooks and served timely each for juniors and seniors.



Special emphasis is put in place to encourage students to listen to news bulletin via radio and TV sets to improve their knowledge in current affairs. Students are also provided with censored video shows.



On weekends students would participate in social clubs like singing, debates, malihai, traditional dances, gym, acrobats and martial arts.



TSPS campuses cover more than 15 acres, large part of which is allocated for sports activities. After classes, students are strongly encouraged to go for sports activities such as athletics, soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming and other indoor games.

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