School Environment


Trust St. Patrick Schools have invested heavily in the creation and maintenance of modern facilities to make our school the most conducive for learning.


Every room has proper lighting and ventilation. Walls are filled with whiteboards, drawings, diagrams, maps, notices, and other teaching aids.


Our three science labs for biology, chemistry, and physics are fitted with all the modern equipment required by the regulatory ministry (NECTA).

Outdoor Discussion Benches (Vimbweta)

The outdoor learning environment includes permanent tables and benches under shaded trees, perfect for independent study and group work. Separate are an each hold 5-10 students, to ensure adequate space for focus. Teachers sometimes conduct class activities here for students to enjoy the fresh air and peaceful beauty of the natural area.

Computer Lab

To prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of our globalized work we take special care of our computer lab. Modern computers and excellent technicians make this learning environment very efficient and effective.