About Trust St Patrick School


Trust St. Patrick School (TSPS), formerly known as Trust Junior Academy (TJA), is comprised of preparatory, primary, and secondary wings. Our fully-fledged co-educational English Medium school is open to both day and boarding students. TSPS is committed to international standards and is registered by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The schools are located along Arusha-Nairobi road, about 7 km from the Arusha municipal Clock Tower in the Arusha region, Tanzania.


Despite its excellent track record academically, TSPS decided not to be satisfied by the high positions we acquired in various interschool tests as well as mock and national examinations. We would rather take further steps to strengthen students’ individual potential and talents through daily continuous assessments academically and socially. Kindly note that all Primary 7 finalists passed their national examinations and were selected to join government schools including the famous special schools.


Mission: Preparing our students to lead successful and well-rounded lives by providing excellent quality academic instruction alongside rigorous sporting activities and freedom of spiritual practice. Vision: Moulding the next generation of East Africans to be highly effective citizens and leaders through a commitment to engaging in holistic education.