Secondary School

Secondary School

The Trust St. Patrick Secondary School is one of the finest in Arusha and the Country as a whole. The Secondary education curriculum is organized into four key learning areas from which the teaching subjects are derived.

Natural Sciences and Technology

In order to survive, human beings have to interact with the environment. It is through the application of science and technology that this could be done. The following subjects are taught under this learning area: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Information and Computer Studies and Biology

Social Studies

This enable learners to develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities. It creates self-awareness and cope with social, economic, political, cultural and technological changes taking place within and outside the society. The subjects taught are History, Geography and Civics.

Business Studies

Business studies promote the development of a wide range of basic skills in financial management, planning, marketing, purchasing, public relations and entrepreneurship. The studies focus on demonstration of knowledge and understanding of management of financial resources, entrepreneurship skills and attitude. Subjects taught are Commerce and Book Keeping.